Intelligent Business Processes and Documents

With powerful platform capabilities and inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) Directum becomes a reliable core for corporate digital infrastructure. We provide an integrated approach to drive innovations:

  • All documents are created and processed in digital form, and are legally valid.
  • All business processes are digital.
  • All employees are engaged in digital processes.
  • All collaboration with affiliates, counterparties and government is digital.

Today more than 2600 organizations in 20 industries across 10 countries rely on us:

    • Unified electronic archive for incoming financial documents
    • 30 000 incoming documents from over 2,000 suppliers
    • Over 330 users of electronic archive
    • Digital contract management
    • 500 packages of documents per day are processed with the help of AI
    • Unified archive of financial documents
    • Digital contract management
    • Legally-valid document exchange with counterparties
    • Over 180 users
    • Digital contract management and meeting management
    • Unified archive of digital documents
    • Management of counterparties
    • Custom declaration management
    • 12 customs and 6 legal entities
    • 8000 hours of work time is saved per year
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Procurement request approval and control over procurement limits
    • All-round monitoring of task
    • Over 90 business processes are automated in Directum
    • Unified electronic document archive
    • Legally-valid document exchange with counterparties
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • HR document management
    • Production document management
    • Raw food material evaluation management
    • Over 675 users
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Vacation management
    • Travel and expense management
    • 48 company departments work in the system
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Business trip and expense report management
    • Remote approval of documents via mobile devices
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Legally-valid document exchange with counterparties
    • Documents signing within 2-3 days
    • Over 350 users
    • 5 strategic processes are automated
    • Remote work with documents
    • More than 20,000 users
    • More than 500,000 operations a day
    • More than 100 system performance indexes
    • Over 10 integration solutions
    • Over 40 affiliates
    • Over 15,000 users
    • Comprehensive projects
    • Integration with SAP


A powerful and flexible development tool allows customizing system to specific business processes and creating new solutions. Web client and mobile apps allow managing tasks on any device, at any time and from anywhere.


  • A broad set of ready-to-use processes
  • A powerful workflow engine
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for automating time-consuming processes


  • Easy customization to specific business processes
  • Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid
  • Further extension of system capabilities with a high-powered development tool


  • An easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Web and desktop clients
  • Mobile apps: Directum Solo for top managers and Directum Jazz for all users
  • Directum ChatBot for all employees

Enterprise-level Solutions

The Directum platform allows companies to start with basic Documents and Business Processes management functionality, and gradually build corporate digital infrastructure around more specific business processes. A wide range of Directum-based solutions deal with all key business tasks, taking into account the specifics of large companies’ processes and procedures. Business solutions complement each other, making a complete enterprise management system.

Document Management
  • Single electronic archive
  • Сreation of documents of different formats
  • Up-to-date document templates
  • Access rights and digital signature
  • Document versioning and history
  • Easy and quick search by requisites, history, by text
  • Document auto-completion
  • Linking related documents

Document Management

Business Process Management
  • Simple and rule-based task assignment
  • Control of assignments
  • Automatic distribution of incoming assignments
  • Alerts of pending and expired deadlines
  • Access rights to tasks
  • User substitution tool
  • Business process efficiency analysis

Business Process Management

Contract Management
  • Templates for contractual documents
  • Approval and payment rules
  • Unified registers, obligations control
  • Tracking of document originals
  • Integration with financial accounting system

Contract Management

Accounts Payable & Invoice Management
  • Invoice capture and recognition
  • Pre-defined routes for approval
  • Unified storage
  • Search by requisites, counterparties or contract it refers to

Accounts Payable & Invoice Management

Financial Archive
  • Centralized and safe storage of financial and contractual documents
  • Prompt preparation for tax inspections
  • Quick search for documents by various criteria
  • Control of accounting documents return
  • Integration with ERP systems

Financial Archive

Procurement Management
  • Procurement planning
  • Application processing and bid winner selection
  • Single register of biddings and contracts
  • Notifications of procurement stages
  • Contract risk management

Procurement Management

HR Process Management
  • Collection and approval of job applications
  • Onboarding and offboarding coordination and checklist generation
  • Vacation planning and approval
  • Competency and talent management, employee training control
  • Personal data protection using access rights

HR Process Management

Travel & Expense (T&E) Management
  • Business trip requests management
  • Calculation and approval of expected travel expenses
  • Automatic creation of business trip documents (order, itinerary)
  • Expense reports generation and control
  • Integration with accounting system

Travel & Expense (T&E) Management

Service Requests Management
  • Structured service requests within a single register
  • Requests classification and ranging
  • Determining schedule and responsible employees
  • Request status control, reports and statistics
  • History of all request processing and knowledge library

Service Requests Management

Quality Management
  • Internal audits planning and approval
  • Participant notification, execution control, and result record
  • Inconsistencies management (causes, corrective procedures)
  • Preventive actions management
  • Reclamations management

Quality Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Spare the routine and get a high quality document processing.The system is equipped with intelligent tools based on machine learning and artificial neural networks.

Documents capture and recognition

Incoming documents are automatically imported into the system from a scanner, e-mail, or an exchange service. AI extracts data from text, no matter if it is a contract, a letter, or an invoice. User only needs to check if extracted data is valid and verifies the document.

Intelligent route selection

Directum Smart Services split the document flow: the system defines an approval route based on a document requisites.

Document versions comparison

The system allows to compare document versions: differences are highlighted and user can see what has been changed. For instance, user can compare the initial version of a contract with the scanned version that has returned from a counterparty.

Smart search of documents

Search functionality supports fuzzy and federative search and helps finding documents in natural language even without exact criteria. For example, user can easily find contracts with similar conditions.

Apply Directum Artificial Intelligence for various business tasks. Here are just a few examples how AI can help you:

Contract terms assessment

Risk assessment functionality allows to control if contract has mandatory requisites and examine contract terms for potential risks: fines, payment dates, etc.

Applicant’s CVs analysis

AI analyzes if a candidate fits requirements in a vacancy. HR manager receives a brief review and recommendations regarding the applicant.

Generating expense reports

AI processes business trip documents and sends them to an accountant for approval. Employees only need to send e-tickets and photos of receipts to a special email.

World-class Services

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • User Training
  • Putting into Operation
  • Support
  1. Studying and investigating customers processes
  2. Finding out pain points and bottlenecks
  3. Suggesting ways to optimize the processes
  4. Working out documentation
  1. Deploying the system
  2. Configuring and customizing the system
  3. Testing
  4. Working out operation guidelines
  1. Training lead users
  2. Training administrators and developers
  3. Holding seminar(s) for management team
  1. Operational testing
  2. Adjusting the system according to users requests
  3. Putting the system into operation
  1. Providing technical support
  2. Consulting customers specialists
  3. Diagnosing the system

Company, Partners, Community

Directum has over 30 years of experience and constantly develops technologies and products. To support customers in their digital transformation, we have built a reliable partner network that currently includes more than 100 companies, serving a large number of clients from all over the world.








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