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A ready-to-use solution for digital Contract Management, with elaborated approval processes that can easily be adjusted to your corporate regulations. Fitted with intelligent tools, Directum covers all contract-related challenges, including accounts payable, invoice management and procurement.

The solution automates all stages of contract lifecycle from creating drafts to fulfilling obligations and archiving.





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Quick preparation of contracts and due diligence of counterparties

  • New documents are created within seconds from auto-generated templates.
  • Incoming contracts are automatically imported into the system from a scanner, an e-mail, or an exchange service.
  • Contracts and related documents can be bound and combined into a single document package.
  • The system copies the data from specialized websites that provide company details to complete counterparty data in its card. User only need to specify a legal entity state registration number, a taxpayer ID, or a name of a counterparty.
  • Integration with specialized websites allows to carry out due diligence of a counterparty in one click.

Quick preparation of contracts and due diligence of counterparties

Fast and controllable approval of contracts

Fast and controllable approval of contracts

  • Documents are sent for rule-based approval. The system creates tasks with clear deadlines and lists of approvers.
  • Approval routes and rules can be easily configured according to the specifics of your company.
  • Notifications about deadlines help to avoid breaking of contractual obligations.
  • Electronic signature ensures the legal value of a document and proves that content hasn't been changed.
  • Electronic documents can be sent to a counterparty directly from the system by e-mail.
  • The system keeps the history of document processing, a task correspondence, and generates reports.

Safe document storage and easy search

  • A unified contract register allows to automatically manage and assign numbers to documents.
  • All contractual documents are stored in a unified database.
  • Access to confidential data is restricted by assigning access rights to employees or encrypting such data.
  • Documents signed with an electronic signature can't be changed.
  • Documents can be easily found by search criteria or in a specific folder.

Safe document storage and easy search

Add AI to Your Contract Management

Get rid of routine and trust your time consuming manual work to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Directum is equipped with intelligent tools based on machine learning and artificial neural networks that allow to:

  • automatically capture, recognize and classify incoming contracts;
  • select optimal approval route based on contract name;
  • compare contract versions: differences are highlighted and user can see what has been changed in a document;
  • asses contract terms for potential risks: fines, payment dates, etc.

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