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Document Management

Directum Document Management supports electronic document workflow as a whole form creation thru maintenance, storing and deletion.

Directum provides users with core Document Management functionality:

Documents creation

Documents’ history

Full-text search

Access rights


Documents approval

Signing with digital signature

Quick creation of documents

Quick creation of documents

  • Documents are created from auto-generated templates, files, e-mail or scanner.
  • AI solution Directum Ario allows mass processing of documents: Smart Services classify the documents according to their types, split the flow and automatically extract data from text.
  • Employees can create documents using mobile solutions Directum Solo and Directum Jazz for smartphones and tablets.

Confidentiality and security

  • Document confidentiality is ensured by controlling access rights, encrypting document content and logging all actions on documents .
  • The system records history of the document: you can trace who and when viewed them, changed, set access rights, signed them, etc.
  • Documents signed with an electronic signature can't be changed.

Confidentiality and security

Lifecycle management

Lifecycle management

  • All document bodies are stored in a unified database. Users work with links to the documents and can save them in different folders. So users work with one and the same document and its latest content.
  • Versioning allows to trace changes in a document and helps to avoid duplication. The number of versions is unlimited.
  • Document lifecycle stages and their changeover logic are determined individually for every document kind (contracts, invoices, etc.).
  • The stage of a document lifecycle changes automatically during the approval, or can be changed manually.
  • When the operational work with a document is completed, it is automatically sent for storage to an archive.

Organized storage and easy search

  • In different lists users can filter documents by status, autors, departments they belong to, issuing periods, etc.
  • Documents can be easily found by search criteria, in a specific folder or list. The system supports both attribute and full-text search.
  • It is enough to scan a unique barcode to find an electronic document or a paper copy.

Organized storage and easy search

Add AI to Your Document Management

Get rid of routine and trust your time consuming manual work to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Directum is equipped with intelligent tools based on machine learning and artificial neural networks that allow to:

  • Automatically capture, recognize, and classify accounting documents into types.
  • Select optimal approval route based on invoice requisites (name, type, total amount, counterparty, etc.).
  • Fill in invoice cards with facts extracted from documents: the system highlights recognized facts both in a document text and in a document card to make the check easier.
  • Check the correctness of amounts and counterparties’ details.
  • Automatically match items and pricing of counterparty’s product list with internal catalog from company's ERP-system.
  • Process business trip documents, e-tickets, and photos of receipts that employees send to a special email, and forward them to an accountant for approval.

Companies Appreciated Directum Digital Document Management

    • Unified electronic archive for incoming financial documents
    • 30 000 incoming documents from over 2 000 suppliers
    • Over 330 users of electronic archive
    • Digital contract management
    • 500 packages of documents per day are processed with the help of AI
    • Unified archive of financial documents
    • Digital contract management
    • Legally-valid document exchange with counterparties
    • Over 180 users
    • Digital contract management and meeting management
    • Unified archive of digital documents
    • Management of counterparties
    • Custom declaration management
    • 12 customs and 6 legal entities
    • 8000 hours of work time is saved per year
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Procurement request approval and control over procurement limits
    • All-round monitoring of task
    • Over 90 business processes are automated in Directum
    • Unified electronic document archive
    • Legally-valid document exchange with counterparties
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • HR document management
    • Production document management
    • Raw food material evaluation management
    • Over 675 users
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Vacation management
    • Travel and expense management
    • 48 company departments work in the system
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Business trip and expense report management
    • Remote approval of documents via mobile devices
    • Digital contract and invoice management
    • Legally-valid document exchange with counterparties
    • Documents signing within 2-3 days
    • Over 350 users
    • 5 strategic processes are automated
    • Remote work with documents
    • More than 20,000 users
    • More than 500,000 operations a day
    • More than 100 system performance indexes
    • Over 10 integration solutions
    • Over 40 affiliates
    • Over 15,000 users
    • Comprehensive projects
    • Integration with SAP

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