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Accounts Payable and Invoice Management

An enterprise-level solution for digital Accounts Payable and Invoice Management, with inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and elaborated approval processes that can easily be adapted to your corporate regulations.

The solution streamlines Accounts Payable and Invoice Management from document capture to final payment and storage.

Capture & Recognition


Approval & Payment

Storage & Search

Intelligent invoice capture and recognition

  • Invoices are imported to the system from an e-mail, a scanner, or an exchange service.
  • Directum Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically captures, recognizes and classifies incoming invoices. AP specialist only needs to check if extracted data is valid and verify the document.
  • The system notifies users about duplicate payable invoices, purchase order mismatches and other accounts payable data inconsistencies.

Intelligent invoice capture and recognition

Transparent approval and timely payment

Transparent approval and timely payment

  • Invoices are routed according to the company approval processes with all relevant information from other business systems.
  • Invoices are related to contracts and verified according to the budget or contract terms and conditions.
  • System allows users to keep track of each processing stage and make sure that all invoices are paid in due time.

Organized and safe storage

  • All invoices are stored in a unified register. Data in Directum and ERP system is automatically synchronized.
  • Access rights to invoices can be restricted in order to keep them confidential.
  • Users can filter invoices by status, departments they belong to, counterparties that issued them, issuing periods, etc.

Organized and safe storage

Quick search and audit readiness

Quick search and audit readiness

  • Documents can be easily found by requisites, a contract they refers to, or by a company that issued them.
  • Accountant can effortlessly generate any invoice list with all the details or export and print the required invoice.
  • Inbuilt scripts allow to quickly export required set of documents in the right format. Preparing information for an audit takes a couple of clicks.

Add AI to Your Accounts Payable

Get rid of routine and trust your time consuming manual work to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Directum is equipped with intelligent tools based on machine learning and artificial neural networks that allow to:

  • Automatically capture, recognize, and classify accounting documents into types.
  • Select optimal approval route based on invoice requisites (name, type, total amount, counterparty, etc.).
  • Fill in invoice cards with facts extracted from documents: the system highlights recognized facts both in a document text and in a document card to make the check easier.
  • Check the correctness of amounts and counterparties’ details.
  • Automatically match items and pricing of counterparty’s product list with internal catalog from company's ERP-system.
  • Process business trip documents, e-tickets, and photos of receipts that employees send to a special email, and forward them to an accountant for approval.

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