Business Processes Management

Directum provides users with core Business Process and Workflow Management functionality.

Directum Business Process Management streamlines collaboration and workflow within a company:

Task assignment

Standard routes for complex
business processes


Control over

Access rights
to tasks

for absent employees

Transparent collaboration of employees

Transparent collaboration of employees

  • Interaction of employees is based on tasks and assignments. They appear in the Inbox and Outbox folders.
  • The system automatically organizes Inbox and Outbox into flow folders. So that all similar tasks and assignments are placed in one folder.
  • Any user can create a task where he/she indicates performers (a person or a group of users), deadline, and work scope, and attaches documents if needed. Tasks can be delegated.
  • For complex tasks, for example, contract approval, the route is pre-configured according to the company regulations. Users don’t have to remember who should approve documents.
  • If an employee is absent, his/her tasks, duties, and access rights are delegated to another employee (substitute).

Full control over tasks

  • When the work is completed, the initiator receives an assignment for review with the results.
  • The board of widgets provides managers with up-to-date data on key performance indicators in a visual form.
  • An employee can track his performance using widgets. For example, how many tasks are overdue or have to be completed by the end of the week. From the widgets, user can quickly jump to their own tasks.
  • The system aggregates data on all processes in the company, so a top manager can easily analyze the information and identify bottlenecks.

Full control over tasks

Easy-to-use tools for process modeling

Easy-to-use tools for process modeling

  • Any process can be built in a graphical editor. The route scheme consists of separate blocks as a construction set.
  • A system administrator or a lead user can easily configure and adjust the system in accordance with a company’s specific processes.
  • The development tool allows customizing the system and creating new solutions.
  • To create end-to-end processes that connect different systems, there are open API and advanced integration mechanisms for data synchronization, as well as connectors to SAP and other ERP systems.

Add Artificial Intelligence to Your Business Processes

Get rid of routine and trust your time consuming manual work to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Directum is equipped with intelligent tools based on machine learning and artificial neural networks that allow to:

  • Automatically capture, recognize, and classify accounting documents into types.
  • Select optimal approval route based on invoice requisites (name, type, total amount, counterparty, etc.).
  • Fill in invoice cards with facts extracted from documents: the system highlights recognized facts both in a document text and in a document card to make the check easier.
  • Check the correctness of amounts and counterparties’ details.
  • Automatically match items and pricing of counterparty’s product list with internal catalog from company's ERP-system.
  • Process business trip documents, e-tickets, and photos of receipts that employees send to a special email, and forward them to an accountant for approval.

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